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Princess Nina The Great is just the right book for Nina! Ever since she saw it on my computer when I asked her to pick a cover colour (yes you can personalise the cover colour too!), she’s been asking me daily, when the book is going to arrive.

I can understand why. I mean just look at the cover – this whole aesthetic of ‘beautiful fairy tale’ continues all throughout the book. It has all you’d expect from a dreamy fairy tale: sparkles, unicorn, dragon, castles, beautiful dresses. All the characters are cute, including the main character which can be personalised to look like your child. The background is full of interesting details, Nina loves observing each page. My personal favourite is the items in her bedroom – I love that it looks like an actual bedroom full of daily things, including modern items like a laptop and a pair of headphones; while also having royal things like spare crowns.

But the book goes further than just being an eye candy. As we follow our princess through her journey to the palace, we encounter different scenarios that put her character values on the test. Each adventure is a simple, concrete example of how to be brave, clever and other characteristics every kid should aspire to have. The moral of the story is clear: being a great princess is not about looks or riches, it’s about the person inside; and this powerful message is delivered in such a pretty package, in a simple and clear way.

This is our third Wonderbly book and we are loving all of them. The illustrations alone are such treasures, and the stories have high re-readability factor (did I just make that word up?). You know what I mean – these are books that your child would reach for to read again regularly, not ones that they’d just leave collecting dust on the shelf. We have the Treasury of Nursery Rhymes which of course, is like a reference book you can read over and over again. You can read my review about it here. We also have Nina’s Adventures in Wonderland which is a beautiful personalised version of the Lewis Carroll classic (review coming soon).

I would also like to mention the physical quality of these books; they’re made to last. The books feel luxurious to the touch, printed on thick paper that would endure a child handling them. I want Nina to treasure them for life and I’m so glad to see the quality of them.

Click here to order your own personalised book where your child is a royalty! Or, head straight over to Wonderbly to check out their wide range of all beautiful, personalised books. There are books for everyone and gifts for every occasion, even for adults! All books are printed and shipped in 48 hours, and they ship really fast (ours always arrive way before their projected delivery date).

Use code W7HOCJQ for 15% off!

Tip: go for hardcover edition because these books are ones you’d love to keep for a lifetime.

Use code W7HOCJQ for 15% off!

Princess Nina the Great
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