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Now that we’ve gotten Halloween out of the way… time to dive into the Christmas spirits! I’ve decided to make a list of some of our best-loved items we’ve discovered in 2022. These are things that Nina and I have been cherishing and using regularly in our daily life, which I’d reckon would make great Christmas gifts.

To view reels of each of these products in action, head over to my 2022 Holiday Gift Guide on Instagram.

Wonderbly Christmas Book

If you have followed us for a while you’ll know that we have an affinity for books… and there’s plenty of Chrismas-themed books out there. But what would make a more special gift than a personalised Christmas book? The wonderful Wonderbly has plenty of personalised Christmas books to choose from. There is a book for every age, even one for little one’s first Christmas and their latest release: one featuring the whole family. Yes, you can customise all the members of the family (up to 3 children).

I personally went for the extended Christmas version of their best-seller Where Are You books, and this jumbo-sized book is a hit with Nina. The details and attention poured onto each page is just unbelievable, you’ll see something new every single time you explore this book! Check it out for yourself here: Where Are You? Extended Christmas Edition

Head over to to see all the different books you can personalise, or click here to see all their Christmas-themed books. Use code BPTG2EN for 25% off (only until 2nd of December 2022, 15% after that).

So Typical Me

December is the time for resolutions – we look back on the year that is ending and make plans to have a better one next year. Therefore, a planner would be the perfect gift for the season. Sotypicalme enables you to create a planner (or notebook) that is fully customisable to your needs – from the cover, binder ring colour to the design of each page inside. It took me a while to create my personalised planner, because that’s how I am; I want to see everything and make sure that I choose my absolute favourite out of every element. The end result? A unique treasure that you will definitely use.

Head over to to personalise your own planners and notebooks.

Escape Welt

Know a puzzle lover? Then here’s the perfect gift for them! These puzzles are a great exercise for the brain and honestly once you start, you can’t stop. I’m obsessed with these puzzles… can you tell?

The 3D ones have a compartment inside where you can stash a small gift for the puzzle recipient – and they’ll have to work their brain to get to it! If you prefer a less elaborate puzzle with a bigger gift compartment, you can opt for the ‘Secret Box’. The gift recipient will have to crack a simple code to open the box. Way more fun than your old regular wrapping paper!

Their latest line is the DIY 3D puzzle kit – where the puzzles come in pieces which you’ll have to assemble first before solving them. It’s perfect for the tinkering types (i.e. my husband).

Head over to to explore their full range. Use code NINA for 10% off!

The Name Stamp

Is getting more organised on the top of your resolution list? It’s always on the top of mine! Well this is the perfect gift for those busy parents – a name stamp for the kids’ clothes. The Name Stamp will set you up to start the new year in a more organised and neat fashion.

What makes it stand out is the variety of cute stamp casings you can choose from – so not only is it useful, it also makes a cute attractive toy! It will definitely motivate your child to stamp their own clothing items.

Head over to to personalise your own stamp. Use code playwithnina for 10% off!

The Mouse Mansion

I mean… how CUTE is this? I’m obsessed! It’s a DIY set of a playhouse… based on the storybook series about best friends Sam and Julia. I love crafts that can be displayed and played with afterwards, and this is truly all that. They sell so many miniature things you can decorate your house with, but the beauty of this set is that you can create your own furniture and knick-knacks! I honestly can’t stop playing with this. It’s one of those never-ending projects that you can always add and change.

Head over to to see their full line of books, cuddly mice, furniture and accessories for your mouse mansion!

Amareen Microphone

This karaoke microphone is just a hoot! It’s a real working microphone which can be connected via bluetooth to your phone or computer to play backing music. The sound quality is so good, way better than you’d expect from a toy. Nina loves singing or just talking into it. Her favourite feature is the voice changer, which can change your voice into a high-pitched squirrel voice to a booming low-pitched monster voice. We had such good, scream-laughter kind of time with it!

Head over to to check out the microphone and a whole range of other fun, unique toys that would make perfect gifts for kids!

Festival of the Elves: The Magic Around You

Yes, another book on the list. What can I say, we love books in our household! Festival of the Elves: The Magic Around You is a magical holiday-themed book, just perfect for Christmas, and what a delight it is. Everything about it reminds me of memorable books from my own childhood, so magical and full of wonder, both in the narration and illustration. It also has an activity book accompaniment which is just as beautiful as the story book.

Story book:

Activity book:

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