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  • Treasury of Nursery Rhymes

I used to sing nursery rhymes to Nina when she was a baby, but as she grew up I – without realising it – gradually stopped in favour of storybooks. Then, we started to go out more and do more different activities as she grows older, so admittedly I’ve been neglecting nursery rhymes entirely.

When I saw this book on Wonderbly, nostalgia rushed in and I thought this would be perfect to start singing nursery rhymes together!

It checks everything on the list: utterly beautiful illustrations, has all familiar nursery rhymes, and personalised on every page. The child’s character is cleverly integrated into each nursery rhyme. I’m also impressed with how well thought-out the page layouts are: similarly themed nursery rhymes are integrated into one spread of beautiful illustrations (example: Do You Know the Muffin Man? is together with Hot Cross Buns and Pat-a-Cake in a 2-page spread of sweet pastry-themed illustrations).

Swipe through the slideshow to see for yourself, how beautiful the illustrations are.

You can personalise the name and appearance of the child, as well as the cover colour of the book. There are different book formats to choose from: soft cover, hard cover, hard cover flat-lay, and even an extended version which contains 10 extra pages of nursery rhymes. Their books are printed on paper from sustainable forests (FSC-certified). Last but not least, you can write a dedication! Despite all these personalisation options, the process is quick and easy; and you can review all the pages of the book before purchasing. Go ahead and give it a go even if just to see what the inside of the book looks like.

Another thing I admire about Wonderbly books is the high quality. I always believe that personalised gifts, especially books, are ones to treasure forever; something that’s meant to be a keepsake. That is why I believe that quality is key.

Let me also give a special mention to their customer service… I experienced a hurdle while ordering (my own fault) and they were so quick to reply! Super friendly and helpful too.

Click here to order your own personalised treasury of nursery rhymes, or head straight over to Wonderbly to check out their wide range of all beautiful, personalised books.

Use code W7HOCJQ for 15% off!

Nina’s Treasury of Nursery Rhymes
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