To celebrate hitting 6k followers on Instagram, we tried doing resist painting. And… it didn’t go as I expected lol. First, I don’t have a white crayon so I used white glue instead. Then you can see that initially we used a brush that’s too small, which I then switched to a bigger one. The icing on the cake: the paper’s too thin that it started to tear! 🙈

So here are some takeaway from our attempt on doing resist painting:

Use a big brush

Of course it depends on how detailed you want the colour strokes to be, but if you’re working with a toddler, I’d recommend using a bigger brush so they’d cover larger areas faster and see the ‘secret’ drawing being revealed faster. I guess the safe measure would be: the younger your child, the bigger your brush should be.

Use watercolour paper

I used regular 70 gsm printer paper and, although Nina is a gentle and careful child, that paper RIPPED. If your child is more exuberant and stroke-heavy when using brushes, forget having an end result lol. I should’ve seen it coming, water… and thin paper… duh. Next attempt we’ll make I’ll make sure to use watercolour paper.

I did think of redoing this craft to produce a more Instagrammable result, but you know what, this is the real process right here. The process of both Nina and I trying out something we never did before. And that is what I would like to document and share on our account. If we do better on our next attempt, then I will see be able to see our progress!

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Resist Painting
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