Just as with her previous book ‘Can You Hear Me, Daddy?’, Ms. Chan has once again managed to put together a deeply touching story that leaves a deep impression on readers. Ms. Chan possesses the rare talent to write about difficult subjects in a comforting, heartwarming way – even more impressive considering these books are for children.

Most children’s book authors would find it easier to write about happy and simple topics, but the reality is that many things in life are just difficult. These kinds of books are very helpful for children (and their parents) to understand, relate and ultimately navigate these difficult issues.

The power of Ms. Chan’s evocative narratives comes from the fact that they were written from the heart. Her book ‘Can You Hear Me, Daddy?’ was inspired by her own grief journey after her father’s passing. This book, ‘Grandma, It’s Me!’ was inspired by living with her grandmother’s dementia. It’s no wonder that her books feel very real and touching.

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Grandma, It’s Me! by Y. Y. Chan
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