We were kindly gifted 2 personalised books from Fabula and what fabulous books they are!

First impression: the website is very intuitive and personalisation process is fun! My favourite thing is that we get to see all pages changing live as we personalise the characters and elements. I did this together with Nina, we took our time looking at all available books before making our decision.

Next pleasant surprise: printing and shipping were noticeably fast. We made our order in the evening before bedtime and got the notification that they were already in the post the next afternoon.

I was again pleasantly surprised when the books arrived: the parcel was bigger and heavier than I expected. When we unpacked it I could see why: each book was securely packaged in bubble wrap, safely nestled in thick cardboard pack. Fabula definitely wants their books to arrive in an immaculate condition and they definitely did.

The books themselves are bigger and heavier than I thought. They’re hard cover books with lay-flat binding and durable super thick pages. If you have very young kids then you’ll know that these are really life-saving qualities for a book.

And as Nina chose the books herself, needless to say she has been thoroughly enjoying reading them. She loves seeing her name in the stories, like any child would. Nina and the Leaky Cloud is a dreamy story, reminiscent to The Little Prince. The story is simple and interactive, it invites the child to do things along while reading the story. Nina is always very engaged when we’re reading this one. The other one we chose was Nina Celebrates Her Birthday. It’s a great book for a birthday present, following the journey of the birthday child from the moment they open their eyes to the moment they go to bed. I must say my favourite part is the recipe for the strawberry cake featured in the book! We’re excited to try the recipe!

Head on over to Fabula to order your personalised book right now. You can order books in Danish, Swedish, English or German. You can also include a dedication in each book, making it even more special.

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